My First Mountain Bike Race Experience Shared

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My First Mountain Bike Race Experience Shared

This article goes out to all you aspiring mountain bike racers.

It was usually good to understand in case you can discover any sharp turns or various different surprises not far from complete, particularly in case you are duking it out for 1st place.

On top of this, race should be on Saturday, so I made sure to get Thursday off and get a decent ride in on Friday so I will be fresh. On Friday, I tried to load up as much race stuff as doable to save time Saturday morn.

With that said, i waited around for a couple hours as results were compiled, and enjoyed a gentle shaved ice and some free water at the time of the wait. Yes, I did review out of my nasty, sweaty uniform.

I'm sure it sounds familiar. I 'reread' Ned Overend's booklet to figure out if I should understand what is going on at the race. In any event, all I saw had been that I must "preride" course before race fortnight.

Whenever giving me a 1st in 1619 age category, and earning myself a good little trophy to go with my free 'tshirt', trophies: I got 5th overall. With that said, wow!

Guys are out on their porches watching the race and cheering me on, as I near the end. I cross complete threshold, after a sharp right. Doesn't it sound familiar? My mom was usually nowhere becoming seen, so I get a cool down lap. Some pal crossed it and his buddie said that he may have made the Top 10 with that complete, when I came back to straight.

Now regarding the aforementioned matter of fact. We hit a rather nice steep hill with plenty of switchbacks to separate field, right after a half mile or so. I ran to a little troubles: my descending skills. I am pretty inexperienced, it is not that I had been awful. I understood I couldn't waste my renewable energy like that, after trading places with the same guys over some hills. Nevertheless, on subsequent downhill I simply let the bike go.

The race simply kept getting harder as it went on. I've not ridden so or been in a lot of agony; Everything has been pretty much mental. Consequently, at least I can check my odometer and see that entirely 4 miles are left!

A well-known reason that has probably been. I had in no circumstances had people cheer for me while I has been out riding by bike before, anybody go for cheering for me at hill base, which was kind of weird. This hill is freaking good!

It is known i have been passing folks who were wearing team jerseys, as the race went on. And now here's a question. How is it feasible to be sponsored?

Now pay attention please. Shall we start from beginning.

Saturday morn and had a great breakfast of apple cinnamon pancakes 4 hours before the race. I threw all my stuff in the truck and "double checked" by MTB race checklist to be sure I had everything I required.

Consequently, I went home with 1st trophy I may be proud of!

We left for the race, which has been simply a little over a hour away. Doesn't it sound familiar? The ride gave me some time to plan my race technique and listen to some music to get me pumped up. Consequently, once we got closer I can see riders warming up on streets.

Well month before the race my mom and I drove out to race area looking for a state forest or a place with trails. No such luck. We cleared up that the race course is always on individual property and it's completely open for race week, after talking to a neighboring. At least we saw for any longer it should get to get there; the trip wasn't a total waste. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? We drove around some back roads.

We parked over in the field with anyone else. In any case, walked around a little and made it to registration table. It's a well they had a packet for "Levin Bloom. I changed to my cycling clothes and started to warm up for "2030" minutes, right after they changed that.

Worked out perfect since I has been able to pass somebody else. It is all fun downhill. The feeling I had on the climb is really euphoric. It is that's what racing was always all about!

Considering the above said. For ages a pipe straight line. Rather fun! Took a corner and.

I'm sure you heard about this. Race director had to give a fast speech at the straight about race etiquette and so on. Start! Here we go!

Doesn't it sound familiar? Levi Bloom was racing bikes for nearly 3 years now. He has probably been founder and owner of Bloom Bike Shop and. Have a look at for more useful bike info and bike repair tutorials. As a result, give a glance at his special page at, to see more of Levi.

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